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Cooking instructor : YUCCO

As a child I was always interested in beauty, so for my first job I became a hair & make-up artist.
Through this work I met clients and celebrities from all-over Japan. I realized that I should expand my horizons and started traveling abroad.

I learned the joy of eating during those trips. I taught myself how to cook some of the new dishes that I liked, and when I returned to Japan I started a cafe to communicate my experience to many people.

Through cooking and hospitality, I noticed the importance of the balance between the mind and body. I continued this through studying massage, counseling, Yakuzen (Japanese holistic cooking) and aromatherapy. I worked for about 10 years professionally in this field.

To me, home cooking is centered on the happiness and health of the family. It is nourishing, and once you get the basics, Japanese dishes are easy to prepare on a daily basis.
I decided to start a classroom to extend the hospitality I received abroad to those who visit Japan.

Once you learn the basics you can easily make it everyday.
I would like all foreign tourists to enjoy not only delicious Japanese cuisines such as sushi and tempura, but also feel a part of our lifestyle through the home made dishes which is simple but delicious.
In the class, we cook simple and basic recipes but cook carefully from the step of taking broth even you can cook after returning home with a simple material.

“Experieat” is “experience and eat” Japanese home cooking.
I hope to take your experience home as a souvenir and after returning home a special “souvenir” gives you time of joy to share the memory of your trip with family and friends,
Through Japanese home cooking, I hope to share the richness of Japanese culture while demystifying the cuisine with dishes you can recreate at home.

Enjoy and ExperiEat Osaka Flavor!




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